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HRS Releases Latest Version of RemitWeb

Healthcare Revenue Strategies is pleased to announce that they released the latest version of RemitWeb Online (version effective July...

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HRS Products and Services Improve your Hospital’s Bottom Line.

Healthcare Revenue Strategies provides revenue cycle assessments and consulting; MEDITECH implementations; 5010 implementation services; and denial management tools to enable healthcare organizations to effectively manage revenues, claim generation and remittance allowance.

Cash is King, and it’s getting harder and harder to collect these days. Let our experienced revenue cycle consultants help your organization increase cash, reduce A/R days, reduce denials, improve claim quality, improve data integrity and improve your bottom line.


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HRS is the developer of RemitWeb – a denial management software application that helps healthcare organizations rapidly locate and recover lost revenue within their denials.

Advantages of RemitWeb:

  • Provides the most comprehensive reportsand analysis – covering your hospital’s entire denial management process
  • Provides the most detail of any system – allowing you to quickly flush out the “root cause” of denials
  • Is backed by revenue cycle experts who understand your business challenges


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Our team of experienced Revenue Cycle Professionals has been helping hospitals for over twenty years with various services.

Some of these services include:

  • Revenue Cycle Workflow Assessments
  • MEDITECH Process Improvement Program
  • 6.0 MEDITECH Implementation
  • HIPAA Transaction Set Development
  • And more! Click the button above to learn more about MEDITECH Consulting Services

Some of the companies that we have worked with:

Companies we have worked with

“For a small investment, the return was substantial. Since implementing HRS’ Process Improvement Program, my team has been able to sustain the program and continued cash collections are better than ever.”

Rebecca Hilbig

Director of Patient Business Services at Harrington Hospital